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UVC disinfection is effective. But is it safe?

In our last blog, we established that UVC light is proven effective in inactivating pathogens, killing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. But there’s another critical question we must now answer: Does it do so safely? After all, even the most effective disinfectant isn’t helpful if it harms us in the process. As we begin, let’s start with the basics.


Not all UV light is the same.


Most of us are familiar with the general concept of UV light. In fact, over the years we’ve learned about UVA and UVB, and we’ve been taught to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from UVB exposure when we’re outside. But there’s a third type of UV light – UVC. And it differs from UVA and UVB in an important way. While UVA and UVB penetrate the earth’s ozone layer (and therefore humans are naturally exposed to it), UVC does not. Humans aren’t exposed to UVC light naturally; exposure comes only from artificial or manufactured sources.


UVC light can be harmful.


With direct exposure, UVC can be harmful to humans. Its effect on the human body can vary based on a number of factors, including the amount of emitted power and the length of exposure. The most notable effects are skin irritation and temporary damage to the cornea if observed directly. UVC light, therefore, should never be used in spaces in which people are present and unprotected.


But, UVC light can be used safely.


With proper safety precautions UVC can be used safely in unoccupied spaces, making it an effective disinfecting agent for killing bacteria and deactivating viruses. In fact, UVC light has been used safely and successfully for years by hospitals and other industries for this very purpose.


There’s a reason we call it Safeology.


Safeology products have been designed and engineered with safety as the utmost priority. Using proprietary technology, the UVC Tower Elite can be operated remotely – safely outside of and distanced from the area to be disinfected – by an app on a mobile device. Users can start, control, monitor, and validate the entire UVC disinfecting process from a remote location.


The Safeology Tower has built in safety features.


In addition to remote operations, the Safeology UVC Tower Elite has other important safety features built-in. The app has a countdown timer so the operator can safely exit the area to be cleaned. An audio start warning sounds as the lights are preparing to turn on. Three PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors monitor a 360o view of the space being cleaned and turn the UVC lights off immediately if and when motion is detected. And a status indicator light signifies modes of operation and communicates when the UVC lights are on.


UVC cleaning can be done effectively and safely.


UVC light is a highly effective and scientifically proven method of destroying viruses that can be deployed safely by following appropriate protocols. The most fundamental of these is protecting against UVC exposure. Safeology products have been designed and engineered to do just that.


About the Author

By George Diaz, M.D.
Dr. Diaz is a member of the Safeology Scientific Advisory Board. He is the Section Chief, Infectious Diseases, for Providence Regional Medical Center Everett (PRMCE). He treated the first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 in the U.S. and has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, CNBC and PBS. Dr. Diaz has been practicing Infectious Diseases since 2005. He is currently the Chair of the Epic Infectious Diseases Steering Board and has an appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor at the Washington State University College of Medicine.

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Safeology is dedicated to leveraging the science of light to create clean, pathogen-free spaces. We’ve brought the industry’s most knowledgeable experts together to create UVC disinfectant products that are based on the latest scientific research, are rigorously tested, and built on decades of experience in commercial lighting and technology solutions. By partnering with Safeology, you can create pathogen-free spaces in which your employees and customers feel safe, comfortable, and reassured.