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Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is a scientific approach to developing practical solutions that help minimize or eliminate the spread of harmful infections. The Safeology™ board-certified Infection Prevention and Control consultants understand the epidemiology of infectious diseases, help you identify the risk factors that increase susceptibility to infection, and work with you to develop best-practice protocols to minimize or eliminate the spread of infection.

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Infections occur when pathogens enter the body, multiply, and cause a bodily reaction or illness. With typical clinical backgrounds in nursing, epidemiology, public health, and laboratory science, our Infection Prevention and Control consultants are subject matter experts in helping to prevent the spread of these harmful infections and diseases.

Helpful Services

Our Infection Prevention and Control consultants collaborate with you to create a cleaner, safer environment for your guests, customers and employees. They help determine and advise you on appropriate cleaning guidelines and protocols. They answer questions. And if needed, they can help determine the programming for Safeology products like our UVC Mobile Air PurifierUVC Upper Room Linear Wall FixtureUVC Upper Room Linear Recessed FixtureUVC Tower Elite and UVC Tower Essential, including the optimum location and duration for any given space to be disinfected. Contact us to learn more.

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Did you know

When done correctly, hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.


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According to experts

The World Health Organization reports that effective infection prevention and control reduces healthcare-associated infections by at least 30%.