UVC light effectively cleans commercial industries

According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, illness-related lost productivity costs U.S. employers $530 billion per year. As employees share desks, the photocopier, and even the refrigerator, pathogens like viruses and bacteria spread quickly. Safeology™ products like our UVC Mobile Air Purifier 1800, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, Upper Room UVC Linear Recessed Wall Fixture, and UVC Tower Elite use proven UVC light technology to create sanitary, germ-free commercial spaces, allowing your entire office to be cleaned safely and effectively. When employees know their office is Safeology Clean, they’ll know you value their health and well-being.

Commercial Uses


UVC light effectively cleans lobbies

Conference Rooms

UVC light effectively cleans conference rooms

Shared Workspaces

UVC light effectively cleans shared workspaces


UVC light effectively cleans offices


UVC light effectively cleans lunchrooms


UVC light effectively cleans restrooms
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Did you know

More than 10 million bacteria are on a typical office desk – 400 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat.


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According to experts

A U.S. study has found that on average phones are the most contaminated item in the office, with over 25,000 organisms per surface.