UVC light effectively sanitizes healthcare facilities

People go to hospitals to get well; yet the Centers for Disease Control estimate germs and pathogens cause 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections and 99,000 associated deaths in U.S. hospitals each year. With products like our UVC Mobile Air Purifier 1800, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, Upper Room UVC Linear Recessed Wall Fixture, and UVC Tower Elite, Safeology™ harnesses the scientific properties of UVC light to help curb the healthcare infection rate by sanitizing surfaces and dramatically reducing the presence of disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Whether in a hospital, clinic or nursing home, patients are often scared and vulnerable. Knowing your healthcare facility is Safeology Clean, they have the reassurance and peace of mind they’re looking for.

Healthcare Uses

Patient Rooms

UVC light effectively sanitizes patient rooms

Emergency Rooms

UVC light effectively sanitizes emergency rooms

Waiting Rooms

UVC light effectively sanitizes waiting rooms


UVC light effectively sanitizes labs

Dental Clinics

UVC light effectively sanitizes dental clinics

Nursing Homes

UVC light effectively sanitizes nursing homes
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Did you know

Every day, one in 20 hospital patients will contract a healthcare-associated infection such as C. diff or E. coli.


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According to experts

According to the American Journal of Infection Control, a study of patient privacy curtains found that after 2 weeks, 87.5% harbored MRSA.