UVC light effectively disinfects hotel rooms

When it comes to hospitality, nothing matters more to guests than cleanliness, yet the average hotel room is teeming with more bacteria than a typical home, airplane, or school. Safeology™ products like our UVC Mobile Air Purifier 1800, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, Upper Room UVC Linear Recessed Wall Fixture, and UVC Tower Elite use the science of UVC light to offer proven pathogen protection against germs and viruses in hospitality settings. When your guests know your property is Safeology Clean, they have the peace of mind knowing their health and safety is your top priority. 

Hospitality Uses

Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms


UVC light effectively disinfects restaurants

Spas and Salons

UVC light effectively disinfects spas and salons

Foodservice Areas

UVC light effectively disinfects foodservice areas

Gaming Areas

UVC light effectively disinfects gaming areas

Entertainment Venues

UVC light effectively disinfects entertainment venues
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Did you know

The average hotel has 1,288,817 individual colonies of germs per square inch.


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According to experts

Research commissioned by Procter & Gamble shows 78% of hotel guests believe cleanliness is the most important factor affecting their choice of where to stay.