UVC light cleans retail spaces

A day of retail therapy may begin with a trip to the ATM machine. But beware, as it may be dispensing more germs than cash. Add to that the number of surfaces and products customers touch, and your establishment may become a petri dish of viruses. Safeology™ products like our UVC Mobile Air Purifier 1800, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, Upper Room UVC Linear Recessed Wall Fixture, and UVC Tower Elite deploy the proven power of UVC light to quickly and efficiently kill bacteria and inactivate viruses throughout retail establishments. Let your customers know you offer them a Safeology Clean shopping experience, and they’ll not only become regulars, they’ll spread the word.

Retail Uses

Clothing Stores

UVC safely cleans clothing stores

Coffee Shops

UVC safely cleans coffee shops

Hair Salons

UVC safely cleans hair salons

Fitness Centers

UVC safely cleans fitness centers


UVC safely cleans spas

Book Stores

UVC safely cleans book stores
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Did you know

Contrary to popular belief, debit and credit cards carry more different types of bacteria than cash and coins.


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According to experts

According to a study conducted by LendEDU, New York City ATM machines are dirtier than the handles on the city’s public bathrooms.