Comprehensive solution to UVC disinfection

Only Safeology™ offers a holistic approach to disinfection that goes well beyond the UVC light fixture itself. Safeology’s proprietary Custom Software Suite (CSS) integrates unique technology features that make operation simple, effective and safe. Using statistical genome modeling, evidence-based experimentation, and computational dosage mapping combined with cloud-based software solutions and safety monitoring artificial intelligence, Safeology provides the most advanced UVC cleaning technology available.

A superior software solution.

Safeology combines the latest in UVC science with innovative technology to ensure outstanding UVC cleaning performance while emphasizing user safety. The Safeology Custom Software Suite offers a cloud-based web solution for back-end system management, including real-time tracking and control, disinfection validation, remote software updates, AI safety monitoring, and lamp efficacy and maintenance data. Our custom mobile app provides a user-friendly, multilingual interface for easy provisioning, tower control, and cycle completion notification. In addition, our computer-aided modeling can calculate the required UVC dosage for any space.

Computer-aided modeling

Effective disinfection requires utilizing the correct dosage of UVC light, which is determined by the size of the space and the intensity and duration of UVC emittance needed to inactivate pathogens.

  • UVC dosage analysis for any space
  • Quantity recommendations based upon statistical analysis

Cloud-based management

Safeology’s IoT integration collects important data using the systems that can be accessed anywhere at any time via the Cloud, providing you the information necessary to optimize the safe and effective use of the Safeology Tower.

  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Real-time data tracking and analysis
  • Room-based cleaning validation and statistics
  • Lamp operations, efficacy and maintenance monitoring
  • Staff operations tracking and reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety monitoring
  • Remote software updates

Mobile application operations

Each Safeology UVC Mobile Tower comes with a mobile device pre-loaded with the Safeology custom app. Designed for ease of use, the app helps administrators and operators quickly and easily create accounts, set up equipment, establish cleaning parameters, program cleaning cycles, manage the Tower fleet, and operate individual Towers.

  • User-friendly, multilingual interface
  • Easy provisioning and simple operations
  • Tower fleet location tracking and status
  • Disinfection cycle programming
  • Cleaning cycle status
  • Equipment alert notifications
  • Cycle completion updates

A focus on safety.

Safeology products have multiple layers of protection integrated into the proprietary software to prevent accidental exposure. This includes in-person authentication, artificial intelligence (AI) safety monitoring, UVC startup audio warning, delay start, automatic motion shut-off, indicator count down and operational warning lights, auto-off tipping detector, shatter-resistant lamps, no ozone, remote start and operation, and cloud-based restrictions and configuration.

  • In-person software lock and key authentication
  • UVC lamp startup audio warning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) pre-initiation room scanning
  • Top light indictor for operational modes
  • Delay-start timer
  • 3 PIR sensors for auto shutoff when movement is detected
  • Automatic-off tipping detector
  • Shatter-resistant lamp protection
  • No ozone
  • Outside room warning stand
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