Safeology - UVC Mobile Tower

Providing routine scheduled disinfection, as well as episodic disinfection-on-demand, the Safeology™ UVC Mobile Tower safely, quickly and efficiently disinfects and inactivates up to 99.9% of surface pathogens1 . Use it daily for routine disinfection of classrooms, hotel rooms, offices and other environments to prevent the spread of viruses. And, if needed, use it on-demand to disinfect spaces with suspected or known viral contamination. Thoughtful engineering and an ergonomic design make the Safeology UVC Mobile Tower easy to move from room to room helping you ensure your entire environment is clean and worry-free.

Designed by lighting technology experts.

Safeology™ UVC disinfecting solutions are designed by a leading manufacturer of lighting and technology products. Harnessing the expertise built through decades of experience in LED and lamp fixture technology, the Safeology UVC Mobile Tower offers the utmost in effective disinfection, safe operation, ancillary services and outstanding support.

Safeology UVC Tower Callouts

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Computational analysis to fight COVID-19.

Using a computational analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 genome, Safeology’s team of experts has identified the UVC dosage required to deactivate 99.9% of the virus (a Log 3 reduction). Safeology has integrated this science into their UVC technology, so you can now use Safeology products to effectively sanitize your spaces from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Proven disinfection to rid virtually any environment of the coronavirus.

The Safeology UVC Mobile Tower uses evidence-based UVC cleaning technology to quickly disinfect indoor spaces and environments. Because Safeology offers proven protection against coronaviruses and other disease-causing pathogens¹, it provides peace of mind wherever people gather.

Get kids back in the classroom with Safeology.

From high schools to childcare centers, when young people come together their gathering places become germ generators. Safeology™ leverages the power of UVC light to keep our nation’s future leaders safe and healthy by eliminating up to 99.9% of pathogens transmitted on surfaces like desks, lab equipment, and toys. School can be challenging enough, but when your school is Safeology Clean, viruses like SARS-CoV-2 are one less thing your students will have to learn about.

Let Safeology help you welcome guests back to your hotel.

Nothing matters more to hotel guests than cleanliness, yet the average hotel room is teeming with more bacteria than a typical home, airplane, or school. Safeology™ uses the science of UVC light to offer proven pathogen protection against germs and viruses in hospitality settings. When your guests know your property is Safeology Clean, they have the peace of mind knowing their health and safety is your top priority.

A thoughtful, thorough, well-designed solution.

The Safeology UVC Mobile Tower is more than just a beautiful piece of equipment. Designed and engineered by experts in lighting, technology and software, it offers a unique, unmatched total disinfection solution.

More than just a product.

When you partner with Safeology, you get more than just a piece of hardware. Only Safeology offers a comprehensive approach to creating clean, safe spaces that engender confidence and trust. Learn more about these important Safeology programs and services.

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Round out your pathogen protection protocols with PPE equipment from Safeology.
  • Infection Prevention Services: Work with our Infection Preventionists to develop best-practice cleaning and disinfecting protocols for your environment.
  • Marketing Support: Use our suite of marketing materials to let your employees and customers know your space is Safeology Clean.
  • Customer Service: Consult with our Customer Service team for help with provisioning, set up, and any questions that may arise.
  • Knowledge Base: Bookmark this compendium of resources to stay apprised of scientific developments, research and news about UVC technology.
  • FAQs: Get answers to any questions you might have. If there’s one not listed, contact us and we’ll get you an answer.

The most feature-rich UVC Mobile Tower available.


  • Made in the USA
  • 360o coverage for optimized emittance and reduced shadow effect
  • Six high-output shatter-resistant amalgam 253.7 nm UVC lamp emitters
  • Up to 12,000 hours lamp life at 85% UVC power rate
  • 74″ high to maximize disinfection coverage area
  • 24’’ weighted 3-branch base for superior stabilization
  • 3″ hollow wheel multi-directional self-locking casters, with low center of gravity and wide twin-wheel base for extra stability and better mobility over thresholds
  • Laser mapping calculates room size and required dosage, and determines best placement to ensure optimal room disinfection
  • Status indicator light to signify modes of operation
  • Light reflectors for increased light output effectiveness
  • Stainless steel, cold roll steel and aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel ergonomically positioned grab handles for easy movement
  • Stainless steel and white anti-microbial powder coat finish
  • 3 PIR sensors for auto-shutoff when movement is detected
  • Wi-Fi wireless cloud-based control and monitoring
  • Audio start warning


  • Made in the USA
  • 120V AC, 60Hz, up to 6.6 amps
  • Up to 800 watts power consumption
  • Power cord
  • On-off switch


  • Wi-Fi control with direct provisioning
  • Imbedded computer automation
  • 7” touch tablet with integrated wireless charger


  • Cloud-based back-end management
    • Real-time tracking
    • Room-based cleaning validation
    • Centralized monitoring and control 
    • Remote software updates
    • Lamp efficacy and maintenance monitoring 
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety monitoring
  • Mobile application operations
    • Multilingual user-friendly interface
    • Easy provisioning
    • Simple control
    • Cycle completion notification
  • Computer-aided modeling
    • UVC dosage analysis for any space
    • Quantity recommendations based upon statistical analysis


  • In-person software lock and key authentication
  • UVC lamp startup audio warning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) pre-initiation room scanning
  • Top light indictor for operational modes
  • Delay-start timer
  • 3 PIR sensors for auto shutoff when movement is detected
  • Automatic-off if Tower is tipped
  • Shatter-resistant lamp protection
  • No ozone  
  • Outside room warning stand


  • EPA Registered 
  • Conforms to UL Standard 153
  • FCC compliant
  • Patent pending


  • 3-year warranty
  • Implementation training
  • Maintenance and software service plans
  • Remote access customer service
  • Field service
  • Technical support
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1 The term pathogens, as used in Safeology literature, refers to the broader category of disease-producing germs, including viruses, bacteria and spores. While UVC light has been proven effective in inactivating or eliminating various pathogens, the dosage of UVC exposure (UVC intensity over time) required to do so may vary by pathogen type. Pathogens, in general, require different levels of exposure for disinfection. Some can be inactivated relatively quickly, while others require longer exposure to UVC.