UVC light disinfects spaces

Disease-causing pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are everywhere. So Safeology™ is designed to work virtually anywhere, effectively reducing exposure to air and surface contaminants. Leveraging the science of UVC light, Safeology products like our UVC Mobile Air Purifier 1800, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, and UVC Tower Elite quickly and safely sanitize spaces, eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful, disease-causing germs. When a space is Safeology Clean, you can count on proven disinfection for you, and peace of mind for those you value most – your families, your employees and your customers.

The sanitizing power of UVC light can benefit just about any industry.


UVC light disinfects the hospitality industry.

Cruise Ships

UVC light disinfects the cruise ships industry.


UVC light disinfects the commercial industry.


UVC light disinfects the healthcare industry.


UVC light disinfects the venues industry.


UVC light disinfects the education industry.


UVC light disinfects the transportion industry.


UVC light disinfects the retail industry.


UVC light disinfects the housing industry.


UVC light disinfects the residential industry.
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Did you know

While not all are potentially harmful, on average, people come in contact with over 60,000 germs each day.


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According to experts

According to the Centers for Disease Control, infectious diseases lead to 4.1 million visits to U.S. emergency departments each year.